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The Roslyns Present:
"Motown experiencE"

A Non-Stop Motown Experience with The 'Vintage Harmony Queens'

The Songs, The Sound, The Stories… 

Prepare yourself to be caught the middle of a Chain Reaction, as these talented trio of ladies shine their light upon the soulful and supernatural era of Motown.

The Roslyns honour this legendary era of music as it lives on inside all of us, with their unique take on the masterpieces that were born from this era. Keeping their elegant charm and candid vocal delivery, at the forefront. Witness Classic Motown hits including – Baby Love, Bring It On Home, Where Did Our Love Go, Dancing in The Street, Love Man, Rescue Me, Upside Down and many other once in a lifetime songs, you know and love! Accompanied by their ensemble of renowned Australian musicians, they play the tunes with a level of authenticity yet to be matched. 

The Roslyns Present:
music of the vintage era

Witness The Roslyns star in their breathtaking stage show, Music Of The Vintage Era.

A sentimental connection to quintessential vintage music, presented by The Vintage Harmony Queens.

Where an eternal romance with the vintage era, meets pop jazz nostalgia at its finest.

Witness breathtaking arrangements and close harmony exquisiteness.


Music Of The Vintage Era serves up quirky and endearing touches, singing and swinging in unison with their 1940s influenced pin up style attire, and sheer elegance.


Cascading layers of New Orleans; trappings familiar to the days of The Boswell Sisters, The Andrews Sisters, and Dusty Springfield. Be apart of a timeless experience, as The Roslyns transport you on a trip down memory lane, with a touch of enchantment that feels reminiscent of a bygone era.

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The Roslyns Present:
Women in music

The entire mantra of this production is about fearlessness in women, and not holding back!


It’s bold and brave, but delivered with such confidence and old world chill that it doesn’t feel contrived in any way.


This show captures everything you know and love about The Vintage Harmony Queens.


Their quirk and humour, candid movement, harmonious vocals, storytelling and breezy way of being.

The Roslyns take you on a journey through the eras of the most exquisite female artists, in their own unique style.

Hear their seductive renditions of world renowned vocalist such as Karen Carpenter, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, The Boswell Sisters, The Supremes, Dusty Springfield, Adele, Jolie Holland, Norah Jones, First Aid Kit, Dianna Ross and many more.

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