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Their aesthetic is gorgeous; their professionalism is unrivalled and their talent is of the highest calibre.

You won’t be disappointed."

-Harris Meitanis LLB, Apples & Pears Entertainment Sydney

"Where authentic rhythm and blues meets pop jazz nostalgia at its finest" 

The Manly Daily 2019

About us

Where an eternal romance with the vintage era, meets pop jazz nostalgia at its finest. A uniquely talented trio, presenting their charming take on the most unforgettable music ever released. Weaving their way through delicately crafted renditions of musical masterpieces. Their trappings sound familiar to the days of the early Andrews Sisters, The Boswell Sisters, or The Supremes. 

This act is the brainchild of Alanna Cherote, who searched for her perfect mates and most certainly found them, joining forces with Courtney and Ayla. 

Three stars with truly authentic voices, fiery ambition, and a lifelong connection to Music Of The Vintage Era. 

Appearing in breathtaking 1940s-style garb, singing and swinging in unison while performing vintage hits in three-part harmonies. ​

Collaborating with their world class band, to produce a heart soaring show!

A mesmerising trio, taking your senses on an enchanting trip down memory lane, reminiscent of a bygone era.  

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